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Best Innovation in Education Sector in 2021

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Based on

In this digital era, things are changing rapidly. Innovation is needed to cope with this digital transformations. There are various innovations invented this year. These innovation could change the way we live, especially in the field of education. Here are some best innovations in the education sector in 2021 based on the

The learning passport

Educational platform and model

This online and offline learning platform developed by Unicef ​​and Microsoft Community Training allows access to quality Education. With its unique capabilities, this platform can be adopted as a new national learning system or to support an existing digital learning system.

Indian Sphero

Coding robots for children and teens

Sphero changes the way children learn about STEAM and computer science with more fun. Coding robots, design-and-build tools, and curriculum encourage children to explore and be more imaginative.

Amira and the storycraft

In-game Artificial Intelligence (AI) tutor

Game applications that are supported by AI technology to help children learn to read. Children can learn to read independently by following the journey in the game. Amira listens and assesses how children read, and teaches them how to read properly.

So, what do you think about those innovation? Any other interesting innovation you would like to share? Share your thought in the comment section. Contact OiHub at to help you solve complex challenges within your organization.

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