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Open Innovation Academy

Oi Academy is an innovative learning platform designed to help you thrive in your business journey by providing comprehensive training focused on complex problem-solving and innovation. Our program is specifically designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today's rapidly changing business environment.

Innovation Development

The innovation creation process is required to master skills in idea translations. Our services provide a series of learning activities covering the fundamentals to advance knowledge to kick-start your skills in transforming creative and innovative solutions through the individual and corporate training program.

Curriculum for Innovation Development

Being an Innovation Expert

  • Module 5: Innovation Management

  • Module 6: Sustainable Innovation

Being a Great Innovator

  • Module 3: Innovation Development

  • Module 4: Innovation Execution

Understanding the Open Innovation Overview

  • Module 1: Foundation of Innovation

Mastering the Innovation Approach

  • Module 2: Design Thinking Overview

Future Skills

Digital transformation will change the way we live and work in the future. Thousands of repetitive and administrative jobs will be replaced with automation systems. Employment skills must be upgraded in order to cope with future jobs. This training course will equip participants with future skills and capabilities that help them master jobs that will exist in the future.

Our Approaches for Innovation System Development

  • Thinking out of the box with creative thinking

  • Systems Thinking for solving complex problems

  • Creative problem solving with Design Thinking

  • Collaboration management in digital era

  • Critical thinking for problem analysis

  • Analytical thinking for Decision Making

OiHub Jam

You might find a challenge that involves a complex interaction on multiple levels inside the organization during or after executing the innovation idea. Oihub Jam provides services for boosting your knowledge and skills in overcoming complex challenges through the System Thinking workshop.

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