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Open Innovation Alpha

Great ideas are the ones that you launch fast and make continuous improvements from feedback acquired through experiments. Oi Alpha is an experimental lab that helps clients develop ideas from sourcing to the scaling stage. ​


Open Innovation Challenge

Our Open Innovation Challenge service helps your organization in sourcing innovation ideas through innovation competitions from internal and external.

Our Approaches for Innovation Challenges

  • Define problem statement as a challenge for innovation competition

  • Promotion of innovation competition to obtain ideas submission

  • Conduct hackathons that facilitates innovators to prototype their ideas

  • Curate winning ideas to be adopted in the organization

  • Facilitate the adoption of innovation ideas for the organization

Library of Ideas

Our library service helps to connect you with innovation ideas and innovators that can help solving complex challenges in your organization.

Our Approaches for Library of Ideas

  • Access to innovation ideas and innovators through our library platform

  • Launch open innovation challenge to source innovation ideas that suitable for your organization’s needs

  • Facilitate the collaboration process between your organization and innovators in implementing innovation ideas to solve complex challenges in your organization


Open Innovation Lab

Our Open Innovation Lab serve your organization’s needs in running innovation experiments with our lab facilities. Through lessons learned from the experiment process, we’ll be able to launch the product that your customers love.

Our Approaches for Open Innovation Lab

  • Understand the complex challenges from the customers’ perspective

  • Innovation lab facilities to build innovation ideas

  • Mentoring on the development of innovation ideas

  • Testing ideas with real customers

  • Measuring the success of innovation ideas, and iteration plan for ideas sustainability


Innovation Incubation Program

This service helps the innovation process management for your organization starting from sourcing ideas that solve complex challenges until delivering real products with suitable business model.

Our Approaches for Open Innovation Lab

  • Understand the problems related to the market needs

  • Reframe the problems into challenges to source creative innovation ideas

  • Sourcing innovative ideas to the industry ecosystem

  • Strengthening the capacity of innovators to build ideas for launch

  • Facilitate engagement of stakeholders to support the innovation development

  • Connect the innovation ideas to market and customer

  • Measuring the success of innovation ideas, and iteration

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