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Open Innovation Advisory

OiHub Advisory provides consulting services to help the organization scale their business sustainably through designing innovation strategy and innovation process management in solving complex challenges.

Innovation Community Development

Innovation ideas can be sustainable when they managed to engage relevant communities in adopting and providing feedback for the ideas. wix services help to identify relevant local communities and educate, engage and empower them to adopt innovative ideas to establish sustainable change

Our Approaches for Innovation Community Development

  • Understand the objectives and the complex challenges

  • Community identification and engagement

  • Community Activation

  • Establish platform

  • Knowledge management

Business Systems Development

Most innovation ideas fail to achieve its business objective due to inefficient business process implemented in the internal system and resulting into high gap between inputs and outputs. This service helps companies in optimizing the internal systems to make business process for innovation ideas more efficient and effective in achieving targeted business goals.

Our Approaches for Business Systems Development

  • Understand the business objectives for selected innovation ideas

  • Understand the complexity of the internal system in the innovation development process

  • Understand resources involved in the internal system for innovation development process

  • Define and apply the most suitable method to solve complex business challenges

  • Analyzing based on findings of method implementation

  • Solution propose to be implemented in the system development

  • Establish monitoring and evaluation system to measure the systems outcomes

Innovation System Development

In order to achieve a sustainable business objective, innovation must be implemented in with holistic systems. Implementation of innovative ideas required complex aspects and involved multiple stakeholders to make it sustainable. Our services help organizations in managing the implementation of innovative ideas.

Our Approaches for Innovation System Development

  • Understand the business objectives for selected innovation ideas

  • Understand the mapping of all aspects of the implementation of innovation ideas

  • Recommend and establish the innovation management system

  • Educate and empower relevant stakeholders on innovation management process capacity

  • Establish a knowledge management system to process feedback for innovation implementation

  • Monitoring the implementation of innovative ideas post capacity-building sessions

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