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BTS and their System in Winning Awards at the 2021 AMAs

The American Music Awards (AMAs) are the largest music awards ceremony in the United States. The winners of the AMAs are chosen entirely based on the votes of the fans. These awards cover various categories in music genres ranging from pop, R&B, rap, country, latin, and even K-pop.

Electoral System at AMAs


Selected based on the works of the artist/musician on the Billboard Charts, the number of streams, album sales, song sales, to the airplay of their songs on the radio. This rating is measured by Billboard and MRC Data.


The winner selection system is taken through voting from fans. Fans can vote for each category for a set amount of time. Voting can be done through the Tiktok account @tiktok_us and the Billboard Voting Page website.

BTS becomes “Artist of the Year” at the 2021 AMAs

BTS has managed to get three nominations at the 2021 AMAs, while winning all three awards. This is the first time BTS has been awarded the "Artist of the Year" award. “Artist of the Year” is a prestigious category in this event. This category is always won by artists from the West such as Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, One Direction, Justin Bieber and even Taylor Swift who has won this award 6 times.

BTS is the first Asian artist to win this award. This victory shows irrefutable evidence that BTS is able to compete in the international music industry. When giving a speech, BTS said that all of this happened because of the support from ARMY (fans). This proves the power of their fandom is extraordinary. BTS also immediately celebrated the victory and expressed their appreciation through a livestream on the Vlive platform with 15 million ARMYs worldwide.

BTS Becomes Today's Idols

BTS's victory has been recognized in the music industry. Music critic Lim Jin-mo admits BTS's victory shows that BTS has become an idol representing the era, such as The Beatles in the 1960s, Michael Jackson in the 1980s, and other great artists.

BTS also received support and congratulations from several big figures, such as South Korean President Moon Jae-in to other famous artists such as Lea Salonga and Shwan Stockman from Boyz II Men.

To achieve its goals, BTS is not alone, BTS gets support from the system they built. Starting from the works they create, the team and management that help them and don't forget the fans who are always loyal to BTS. BTS is able to manage the system well so that it can win an award. With this system they will win several other awards.

What do you think about this system in the music industry? Share your opinion in the comments column. Contact OiHub to help you develop innovative systems to solve complex problems in your business or organization.

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