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Enhancing Learning Experience with Metaverse

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

In 2016, Facebook demonstrated the virtual reality concept of its digital social platform into the world using Oculus Rift. Today, that digital landscape with the VR concept has become more popular ever since Facebook changed it's company name to Meta.

In Indonesia, WIR group, a holding company that pioneered and promoted Metaverse listed its' IPO on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in early 2022, and the stock price keeps increasing as of today. WIR group has done various AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) projects for multinational brands, and local governments ever since the company was founded in 2009.

The use case of Metaverse innovation can benefit various sectors, especially during the pandemic and in the future where more people will be much connected to the digital world. Education is one of the areas can be benefited from Metaverse, that can serve as platform for students to have the opportunities to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they learned from schools or education institution.

Metaverse can enhance the student's learning experience. This technology innovation is more intuitive and human for both teaching and learning activities. During pandemic, the learning experience had been limited with video conference, and unwanted learning loss was resulted throughout this situation. Metaverse can improve the learning experience by making the interactive to be more realistic during the teaching and learning process. Skills and knowledges can be explored much more, while the potential of learning loss can also be reduced.

With great presentation of topic content in much enhanced visual graphics and motion in the Metaverse, students can explore various aspects of certain topic they learned. Building such educational content may be delivered with systems innovation approach. However, this experience will make students more curious, which then could help in building their critical thinking capacity, and many other innovation skills that are useful for the future.

We also need to see that future learners are the young generation who are already familiar and might have spent most of their time daily in many digital platforms today. Therefore, Metaverse can be potentially becoming the future of learning experiences for this young generation.

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