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Know the Difference between “System” and “Set”

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What is System?

According to KBBI, system is a set of elements that are regularly interrelated to form a totality. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a collection of things that are related or work together. So, it can be said that the system is a collection of interrelated and dependent elements, forming a relationship or having a certain function from each element.

Application of Systems in Life

Organization in business is a system. It consists of several departments that have their respective duties/functions, such as R&D, Sales, Finance, HR, Production, Legal, etc. Examples of the application of a larger system are logistics systems, transportation systems, health systems, sanitation systems, agricultural systems and many more.

What is Set?

Not all things that are grouped together are called systems. If the set of elements are not interconnected and do not work together then it is not a system but just a set or a collection of simple elements (set). An example is a group of people waiting at the bus stop.

Difference between System and Set

A collection of bricks is just a set, while the construction of a house is a system because in it there is cooperation and each has its own function. For example, in building a house, some have the task of installing floors, painting walls, drawing designs, installing roofs, laying bricks, and so on.

System is abstract

Systems are abstract, untouchable and difficult to see. For example, in a logistics system, the goods sent (packages) can be seen and touched clearly. However, the logistics system which includes warehouses, couriers, delivery, transportation cannot be reached or touched just like that. In this systems, there are formed by many elements with complex relationships.

Analyzing System with System Thinking

System is a complex thing. Therefore, analysis is needed to help identify the elements that exist in the system. A more holistic perspective is needed. When dealing with a system, you can use systems thinking based on synthetic theory.

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