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Systems Thinking Implementation in Marvel Cinematic Universe: Infinity Saga

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Systems Thinking can be applied in all industries, for example, a system complexity is applied in the film industry. Marvel Studios has been successful delivering complex systems through the Marvel Cinematic universe (MCU), stringing film after film into one unified system with the development of wider problems and conflicts.

The story given in one cinema universe binds dozens of superhero characters in one film narrative. Marvel Studio was able to relate well the stories between these superhero characters to be interconnected and have influence on one another.

Marvel Cinematic Universe is a complex system but able to present it well to the audience. Marvel Studios divides the cinematic universe into 3 phases.

The first phase features the first story of four superhero characters. In each of these superhero stories, showing wide unique backgrounds and are concluded in the film Marvel's The Avengers (2012) which highlighted the complexity of this cinematic universe.

The presentation of complex problems and collecting various superhero characters in one film makes MCU fans gone crazy. This makes Marvel's The Avengers film grossing more than 1.5 billion USD and become the pinnacle of the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 1.

The complexity of the story is also delivered in the second phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The situation was made even more complex by adding more superhero characters to this cinema universe.

Marvel managed to bring the system complexity of this story to be easily understood by their target audience. They bring out different colors in each film of each superhero character. In the AntMan film, it addressed the elements of family, while in the Guardians of the Galaxy film, it shows elements of comedy, a story of friendship with a setting in a galaxy.

In the third phase, several superheroes and new areas appeared which made the conflict and story much more complex. The MCU was continuously able to maintain continuity and continued to refresh its films. This is a gamble for Marvel Studios. But it turned out that Marvel managed to sell this complexity well and earned revenues of 2.7 billion USD for the third phase closing film, Avengers: End Game.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn't just stop with these three phases (Infinity Saga). Marvel continues to string together film after film to create the Post-Infinity Saga phase. What do you think about system in the cinematic universe created by Marvel Studios? Share your opinion in the comments column.

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