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Lego Ideas - Case Study of Open Innovation to Drive Business Growth

Lego is already known as the world's leading toy company. The company initially produced furniture and small objects, such as ladders, ironing boards, and wooden toys. The manufacture of this wooden toy then changed into plastic material based. Now, Lego is leading the market with their innovative breakthroughs.

To face the digital competition, Lego implemented Open Innovation to their business innovation strategy. Previously in 2003, Lego had implemented Open Innovation successfully to align their innovative products with consumer demands. This allowed Lego to lead the toy manufacturing industry.

Innovation is always needed to maintain market and create new strategies in order to adapt. Again, Lego implemented Open Innovation for their business strategies by creating Lego Ideas, a platform to innovate and open publicly to crowdsource solutions. Public is invited to participate by giving suggestions, designing, or building a new product on the platform. Public is also asked to vote for products they like the most.

Lego Ideas also held competitions for certain themes, such as Lego Technic and Lego House. Lego invited several related stakeholder to participate giving ideas. The design ideas in this competition might have a chance to be produced in the future by relying on the voting results from the public on the platform.

By adopting this Open Innovation strategy, Lego managed to attract more consumers and made them feel involved in the product innovation process. In addition, Lego could also understand and provided directly what consumers want.

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