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We Change How we Innovate During Covid-19

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

With various limited in the Covid-19 pandemic has made us do many things in life in different ways. The process of innovation must also evolve during the pandemic.

In this pandemic time, we must

alter our decision making process. We might have limited data in hand to give us clearer picture of the expected outcome, but we must make decision faster. Therefore, the process in making decision must be more simplified, and we must give space for evaluating our decisions as well making iteration from time to time.

Making faster decision can be risky. Therefore, we must adopt the experimental mindset in making decision for our business. Adopting the experimental mindset can start by setting up system that allows us to make decision with very limited data or insights in hand. Having the systems in place should make us openminded with lessons learned that train us to be better in making the next decision in the future.

During the pandemic, our movement and interaction with people are very limited. We never thought that we'll be conducting meetings to discuss important business issues over zoom calls from the comfort of our homes. The way we conduct meeting discussions must change too, where we are required to be more direct in the virtual meeting, and expected to conclude the discussion on time.

Despite of challenges and limitation we're facing in making innovation during the pandemic. However, there are always rooms for us to improve our innovation process. We should be relieved to have less frequent meetings in a day or even in a week. Having less meeting gave us much time to be more productive in completing our tasks, and also explore inspiration for innovation ideas.

Interacting with people through online channels means that we must start trusting our team and colleague in doing their parts in the innovation process. This will also give them the opportunities to develop their problems-solving capabilities whenever they are facing challenges in completing their jobs.

We might be experiencing failures when we conduct our innovation experiences. However, failure is something that we need to celebrate, as it can also indicate that we fail sooner to succeed faster. From failure, we will obtain insightful lessons learned that helped us shaping up our innovation process better.

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Article Reference: Innovation in the time of Covid-19


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