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Effective Problem Solving Methods with Systems Analysis

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

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Problems that occur from every industry are very complex to be solved. We can find the right solution for this complex problem through systems innovation approach. The innovation created from this approach will add new value that is relevant with sectors as well as current needs.

We must understand and accept that we live inside a system. Sometimes, problem-solving does not come from outside of the systems, but mostly comes from within the system alone. Therefore, systems analysis is needed to understand all elements involved within a system. When we analyze a system, we should have the capacity to see and identify a system as a whole, which most of the time, can be very broad and complex network. Even one human is just a small part of a system.

The first step in troubleshooting using systems analysis is to look at the system broadly, and then breaking it into parts as the smallest constituent. We should analyze how every small part plays its role, functions, corporates and relates to one another.

This systems analysis method is useful for many things such as improve a system, understanding the system created by others, as well as reducing mistakes within the problem-solving process.

When there's trouble inside a system, we might be able to solve it within just 30 minutes’ time. However, few days later it turned out, we may find out that the solution has produced even more complex problems. The more we understand the system itself and how to analyze it, it will be easier for us to complete and even anticipate bigger problems that can happen later in the day.

“Rather than trying to achieve an ideal end state, the role of strategy was to assess the many forces shaping a certain situation and detect configurations in this environment that could be favourable to the task at hand, or the general direction aimed towards. Within this mindset, the strategy is perceived in terms of seeking potential rather than a course of action.” - Orit Gal, Social Scientist

What do you think of the troubleshooting method with system analysis?

What kind of system works for your organization?

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